Wine Cork Wreath

Wine corks are so easy to come by. I had my friends and my Aunt save and send me their used corks but you can also ask restaurants to save them for you. I have made keychains, ornaments, and wreaths out corks and I thought I would post the latest wreath I made here. This one was a request from my Mother In Law. She loved it.


Wreath base and corks all ready to go.


I cut the corks in half length wise with a sharp paring knife.


I used all purpose hot glue to attach the corks to the wreath base.


Cover the base with corks in an interesting pattern. Be sure to show the best, most interesting corks near the top.


Add ribbon and a bow to finish it off. You can screw in an eye hook as a hanger as well.


7 thoughts on “Wine Cork Wreath

    • I never counted them but this is a large wreath. I would guess I used easily 50, cut in half. At some point you stop when you like how it looks, but you could use more or less. You just want enough to hide all the Styrofoam. If you find a ring that is more flat than this one, you would need less. Thanks for reading!


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