Creative Spaces

Where do you create? What type of space inspires you? Perhaps you need clean lines and lack of clutter to find that creative zone. Or, maybe you need the chaos of beloved items surrounding you. Each creative person needs some kind of space to work in. Writers, painters, sculptors, jewelry artists, film makers, and designers all do their “thing” someplace different. What is that space for you? I’ll share mine, and there are several, with you. Please feel free to comment with your favorite space to create, even if it’s the kitchen table.

One of my typical creative messes.

One of my typical creative messes. I love to be surrounded by jewelry findings, beads, and tools.

When we moved into our new house, I was very excited about having space for a craft room. Prior to the new house, I used any space I could and usually had to clean up after myself in order to use the space for it’s intended purpose. I now have a space where I can leave things out, all over the desk, and not have to put them away. Having a chance to see the beads and findings, ribbon, tools, ect. offers more potential for creativity than if they are all packed away neatly. This goes against everything in me though. I like to have things put away, in their place, neat and tidy. Except crafts.

We have a lovely back deck that is covered. This is the second space I use and love. In the spring and summer, there are beautiful flowers outside in both our yard and the neighbors yard. It’s a great place to be creative. I often draw, read, write, paint, and make jewelry outside. Natural light is very important to creativity. I asked my friend Karen, who is an awesome creative person, where she preferred to create. “Places with the most natural light possible”, she said.


Another wonderful thing about our new house is the garage. I have never had a garage before. My parents home does not have one so this joy is new for me! We don’t use our garage for the cars currently so there is plenty of space to set up projects. I am not a woodworker, but I do love trying new things and tools are no exception. My friend Jason from East Coast Upcyclers recently shared a table saw with me. I am excited to (carefully and with all safety attire) try it out.

A creative space can be anywhere that makes you feel inspired, comfortable, and ready to make something beautiful!

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